Things Moms Do that No One Notices…

When you are a stay at home mom, you are stuck  in charge of the house and kids. It’s a sneaky little myth to think you won’t be as stressed staying home then if you worked. One I, admittedly in my traditional naive fashion, believed. But as the years wear on, the more my plate fills to overflowing. *I reserve my cup for the happy things.*

Not only do we have the pleasure of doing the same things, year after year, but a ton of said things go completely unnoticed and unappreciated. Being a mom is tough, trust me, I know.

A comprehensive list of unnoticed, unappreciated jobs that make up the hum-drum of stay at home life would simply be too long, here’s just what I have done in the last 2 weeks that met the list requirements. Did I also mention I don’t get paid to do these jobs?


No one notices until it has about 2 years of caked up dust and dog hair. Somehow I manage to get this done every 4 months cause, it’s gross. I just painted several untreatable cases.

Toothpaste globs 

My kids must think these mysteriously disappear. Well, come to think of it, they probably don’t think about it all. *yes, I have confirmed this suspicion by way of the blank stare and shoulder shrug I’ve just received.


They literally crap on my handiwork.


Jelly stickies, sauce drips, food splatter from the mayo being dropped on the floor, dirty fingerprints…. all gone. You’re welcome.


Does no one else notice that rotten smell? No? Cause I already cleaned it. Oh yeah, and stocked it for you, too.

Dusting and Mopping

Those muddy footprints, gone. That sticky juice spill my socks got stuck in this morning, gone. Notice you aren’t sneezing your brains out? Of course not, cause unless you get dust on your white shirt you’d never notice. *this secretly works in my favor as I do dust less than I used to. Don’t tell the hubby*


Until something is forgotten, I am never noticed as the Keeper of All Things Remembered- school projects, parties, birthdays, bills, groceries, school snacks…


It literally drives me batty to see my kids open a cabinet and 5 things fall out on their feet… then to watch them shove it back in…. *CRINGE* Brings back memories of a plate crashing on my foot and fracturing it. This is a real threat in America. I organize, rearrange, update and upgrade all year long so you can find your shoes and your lucky soccer socks.

Freshening up 

Changer of your sheets and drooly pillow cases, washer of the towels so you can bathe and toss them on the floor, washer of the hand towels so you don’t pass the plague off to your sisters, cleaner outter of your hairbrush of a month’s worth of hair. That favorite hoodie of yours now smells good, your cuddly you can’t live without is dust mite free, the mud is gone from your shoes, the couch no longer smells like “the outside,” and yes, you can lay on the floor cause it no longer smells like dog.

Inventory Control

Am I the only one who knows where anything is or where it goes? Shoes, nail clippers, hair detangler spray- of which we have three bottles!- jackets, library books, homework, water bottles… you’re welcome!

Techno Geek

How did it become my fault when the WIFI goes out? How did it become my job to set up movies, reboot and reconnect devices? I am not exactly sure, but upon reflection, if I’m to carry the blame, then surely you need to give me the credit for saving the day.

Toothpaste splatters, toilet paper mishaps, bath rings, googies on the faucets, gunk in the sink, degerm the door knobs and light switches, feed the cat, bunny, dogs and chickens, litter box changes, window sill cleaning, water the plants, vacuum, refill the soap in the kitchen and bathroom, de-stain your favorite top, shoe pick up… and so, so, so much more.

Was it also mentioned I don’t get paid to do these jobs?

What have YOU done this week that went unnoticed? I’ll notice it for you.

4 Replies to “Things Moms Do that No One Notices…”

  1. Take garbage down the stairs and around the corner, into a scary trash house, in my good clothes, without touching anything smelly…

    1. Rachel Mijares says: Reply

      NICE! Trash is about as constant as laundry, so thank you. I notice.

      1. How about, if you live out of town, and notice you’re almost out of toilet paper, you go ahead and make sure there is a box of tissue near the toilet so the kids don’t even have to ask, or go looking….

        1. Rachel Mijares says: Reply

          Good one! This can include all necessary bathroom items, really. No one notices or thinks about how it got there until it’s gone. Which is then a reflection of your failures as a mom.

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