The Perfectionists Guide to Lazy Wall Decals

So,  you’re crazy enough to get the bright idea to apply 120 sticker hearts on your wall, perhaps not knowing exactly what you’re getting into, you just have the end game in mind of how cute this is gonna look on the wall.

I’m just that crazy.

Here’s my guide to a complete look change the lazy way for us perfectionists.

Step 1: Select the desired pattern.

I’m kind of indecisive. I looked around online trying to decide if I should go with an even pattern or a falling hearts pattern. The perfectionist side of me won the artistic and I went with an even polka dot pattern over the entire wall… Well mostly.

Step 2: Set kids up with an elaborate game of pretend.
Don’t let the kids help. You’re still a good mom. Really. Unless you’ve decided on a “throw it on the wall” look, this will never work and you will end up frustrated, destroying the wonderous joy you felt when purchasing these hearts in the first place.

120 hearts.  One-hundred-twenty.

The kids will never make it past 12. Distract the kids with an elaborate game that will take much set up and lots of phrases like, “pretend like…” “pretend I was…” I set my kids up with the idea of fashion design school. It took them 45 minutes to set up who was what and where and why… I was halfway done with the wall before littlest wandered in and asked to help: I gave her 8 hearts, she plastered them and left.

Mom wins. In peace.

Step 3: Set up a template.

I admit, I’m not much for prep work, hence this guide. And I was nervous, truth be told. I wasn’t 100% on my vision of this wall. There’s no way on God’s green earth I was going to measure and mark dots over the whole wall only to discover 20 hearts in I didn’t like it.
I didn’t measure my wall – surprise – just decided 12 inches was a great round number and since I ended behind a door, it didn’t matter much.

If it matters to you, you can do this fairly quickly with basic division. Um, I’m going to skip that part since I just finished that with my kid.

These hearts are 3 inches, so 12 inches was a great distance apart to not look over cluttered. I took a cardboard amazon box, sliced off a tab and taped on my level, pre-marking 12 inches. Bam. Easy breezy.

Step 4: Begin row 1

Bonus tip! Pull the hearts off the paper from the point, not from the rounded heart mounds!

I started about a half inch from the wall corner and eyeballed how far down from the ceiling looked right to me. Stuck the heart straight onto the wall. No marking.
Next, use the awesome template to go 12 inches from the hearts point and continue hearts #2,3,etc of row 1, placing the hearts on. Again, no marking needed. Yet.
Row 2: Measure and mark 6 inches down, six inches over from row 1 hearts #1 and 2 to find your center. That’s the last mark you will have to make. Unless you like marking.

From there, you can use your template from the bottom of the hearts points until you finish your wall. See pics. It’s really that easy. I promise.

Step 5: Admire your handiwork.

And hopefully, you’ll have an expressive kid like mine that joins in the admiring by gasping, “Mother! It looks lovely! It’s amazing!” That was littlest. No love from the biggers.

I absolutely love the instant gratification of change. It’s a perfect, non-permanent way to change it up and add some pizazz in less than 2 hours. Especially if you are in a no paint zone.

This set (found on Amazon) includes instructions with lots of info, the hearts are nice quality and seem to be sticking quite well… No casualties so far despite being next to the heater vent.

Fast, easy change…. now that’s awesome.


How do you change it up??

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