Health Series #2: 5 Tips for using Essential Oils Safely

 5 tips for staying safe when using essential oils. 

5 Tips for Safely Using Essential Oils


 5 tips for staying safe when using essential oils. 

Proper Dilution and other un-fun things to think about.

With essential oils taking over the world right now (can you believe Target is now selling them!) it is uber important to consider proper dilution rates, especially with kids.

Robert Tisserand is the trusted expert on such things and new information is coming out all the time. Only just recently he published it actually is okay for children under ten to use eucalyptus when 1% or under dilution was used. That was a world shocker and many still don’t know that yet. 

So here’s some things to consider when using your beloved oils. Research them yourself,  make sure you can trust your source! This is my tips I use for my house, kids and pets:


1.) Never use oils neat. (to use without dilution of a carrier oil)

Why? Some oils can actually burn your skin. Ouch. Others can cause weird looking rashes. And then there’s the old tale of sensitivity… this process takes quite some time from what I understand, so it is often months or years of use when all of a sudden you have an allergic type reaction.

2.) Never ingest

This is a very controversial topic. You will find many opinions and often angry reactions. Basically, the reason I’ve chosen to stick with other forms of use vs. ingesting, just like using neat, ingesting can burn your stomach lining with some oils. Don’t forget, essential oils are HIGHLY concentrated. It is said that it takes approximately 20-30 minutes for an essential oil applied topically or diffused to reach every cell of your body. While it is true applying in certain areas are often more effective than applying in others, it is a risk that has too many unknowns. So educate yourself before assuming this is a safe practice. It is always best to find a holistic expert to walk you thru it. Message me if you have one! 

3.) Essential oils can mix with your medications.

Some essential oils cause your blood to thin or can act as aspirin to the body. If your medication does this as well, you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation.  Check with your doctor. Research, research, and be armed with information. 

4.) Proper dilution is a must know.

Especially with children! Did you know lots of Pinterest essential oil recipes call for 15 or 20% dilution rates? Did you know the max safety rate is only 5% for adults? Children are generally under 3%, but babies under two can be as low as 0.5% dilution. Again, essential oils are highly concentrated and using high dilution rates encourages overdose to the body. Did you know ylang-ylang can cause nausea? Or that Birch acts like aspirin to the body? Dilution prevents the negative side effects in most cases.

5.) Be careful around your pets.

Cats have a low tolerance to essential oils and it can become toxic. So do some birds. But you can use some essential oils on chickens or dogs…. find out what is safe for your pets before you use them.

Research is the name of the game, folks. If you hope to advance to the next level and reap the benefits of oils, research, research, research!

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